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To protect your asset - valuable data, always handling the drives with extreme care.

ITPro Data Disposal

Degaussing Services

ITPro iDataFind has expanded its extensive data disposal capabilities in order to support our customers' requirement for all kind of magnetic metal particle tape erasure as well as floppy diskette, audio cassette, video tape and hard drive degaussing before dispose their sensitive storage media.

Our degaussing service cover a wide range of magnetic media includes:

Hard Disk Drive, Super DLT, DLT IV, one-inch reels, VHS, U-Matic, S-VHS, MII, 4MM, 8MM, HI 8, DAT, DvCam, DvcPRO, Digital-S, HDTV, SP, Beta SP, Beta SX, Digital BetaCam, D1-D5 and 3490 data cartridges.

BENEFITS from ITPro iDataFIND's degaussing service:
  • FREE pick up and delivery within local area ;
  • On site data disposal service;
  • No Equipment and manpower investment.

CD-DVD and other optical media are also supported in term of shredding disposal.


Always dispose your sensitive data in a correct, secured and safety manner.

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