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ITPro Data Disposal

If you are going to upgrade, trade in or donate your existing computers, at first it is good practise to ensure whether your system still contains some personal / commercial privacy information, secret matters and sensitive data inside the storage. If you are not so sure what to do, just give us a call now. We can provide you with turnkey data disposal services.

Generally, disposal of data is critical for everyone when recycling used and surplus computing equipment. ITPro iDataFIND can totally wipe the data off of your storage media, verify that it is not recoverable and compliance to agencies approval.

US DoD Standard
US NSA Standard

We can assure that your important and confidential data is completely destroyed and removed from old or non-working hard drives or other media before you replace them. ITPro iDataFIND has one stop solution to assist business in their approach to the confidentiality area of having to dispose of damaged, surplus or end of life computing equipment .

Good Practise Data Disposal

Step 1
Determine safe data disposal. Call
ITPro iDataFIND if not sure


Step 2
Determine what kind of services are suitable. For example, on-site or send out storage media etc

Step 3
Confirm and proceed job order

Step 4
Certify completion of data disposal

On site data disposal service is available, call ITPro now.

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