ITPro Data Recovery
ITPro Data Recovery

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Beware those disk repair software, such as Norton Disk Doctor, ScanDisk are not suitable running in damaged drive.

ITPro Competitive Edge

ITPro iDataFIND here backed by over 25 years of field experience, our professionals are composed of a group of highly motivated individuals providing unsurpassed quality, timely services to a multitude of data storage solutions. We have been utilising dedicated tools, techniques and strategies aimed as improving overall service quality and competitiveness.

Problem Orientated Solutions
Our knowledge base has been working with a number of special technical problems which even not mentioned from the manufacturers.

Emphasis on Research and Development
We continuously develop proprietary tools to enhance our capabilities

Proudly introduces On-site rescue, recovery and secure disposal services for those due to number of security reasons, preventing the physical media from leaving your own location.

Front End Solutions
We worked familiar with those device manufacturers. We are capable to streamline the whole assembly process and most of the problems can be figured out rapidly and accurately. Capability down to media and components level rescue.

Top Confidentiality Assurance
We have built to secured process protocols and worked at high conducts level.

It's all part of our total commitment to our customers.

ITPro specialize in non-software data rescue recovery, that common recovery utilities cannot work.

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